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The features section of Pennington produces documentaries and narrative films for theatrical, broadcast, or on-line release, as well as the more traditional festival runs.


STRANGLEHOLD: In the Shadow of the Boston Strangler TRAILER (June 2012)

Directed, shot, edited by Myles David Jewell.

Produced by Myles David Jewell and Cheryl Furjanic

STRANGLEHOLD: In the Shadow of the Boston Strangler is currently in the throes of being submitted to festivals for the 2012 season.

Produced for festival screenings, limited art-house theatrical release, and TV distribution, STRANGLEHOLD is the first feature length film from Myles David Jewell.


In the 1960′s, filmmkaker Myles Jewell’s grandfather, Phil DiNatale, worked relentlessly as an investigator on the case of the Boston Strangler. But despite Phil’s meticulous investigative efforts, the case got caught in Boston’s political cross-hairs and was never officially solved. Now, fifty years later, Myles plunges head-first into his grandfather’s immense homemade detective archive to reveal never-before-seen details about the Strangler investigation. Part historical film, part personal documentary, and part whodunit, STRANGLEHOLD tells the story of a beat cop turned famed detective, Phil DiNatale, and the long-lasting effects his investigative legacy has had on his family for generations.

STRANGLEHOLD (with original title THE 14th VICTIM) TRAILER (January 2010)

Beginning the project in 2008, here is a six minute trailer produced in early 2010 with the original title, The 14th Victim. This trailer reflect an earlier version of the film where I inserted myself more as a character and got caught up in defending why I am a justified in making the film, as opposed to just telling my grandfather’s story.


A documentary by Myles David Jewell, featuring Tyler Jewell, music by Jay McKay, Presented by Pennington Productions 2011

Free on-line release in the spring of 2011, Another Day in Paradise is a short documentary (TRT 28min) about Tyler Jewell, a two-time Olympian in Alpine Snowboarding. Our goal for the film was for it to reach as many people in hopes of generating a large enough audience to turn the documentary into a longer piece. As a result, we released on-line for free with an eleven part web series to promote the release of the documentary. With no funds, our hope is that a producer would find the financing to pay for rights on the film.

Please re-post and spread the word about this film.


An in-depth look at the sport of alpine snowboarding, Another Day in Paradise focuses on the sacrifices and achievements of 34 year-old Tyler Jewell. His decade long journey not for fame or fortune, but for passion, includes sacrifices from living out of a car and tent, to finally being the top US Alpine Snowboarder. Filmed by younger brother, Myles David Jewell, ADP is an intimate portrait of what one person is willing to sacrifice for their dream, and whether success is measured by the outcome of the journey, or the journey itself.

Visit TylerJewell.com

Produced, directed, shot, animated, edited by Myles David Jewell.



A documentary by Myles David Jewell, featuring Jean DiNatale Jewell, Presented by Pennington Productions 2011

Produced in the Program in Culture and Media, New York University, this was my final project for the year long video production class focused on Documentary and Ethnographic filmmaking. The film played The Boston Film Festival in Fall of 2008, and has since played five festivals in Europe, including Finland, Greece, and Denmark.


25-year-old NYC filmmaker Myles Jewell is not proud of the fact that he relies on his Boston-based mother Jean to make his doctor’s appointments, keep track of his bills, and buy him new underwear. In an effort to kick-start his adulthood, Myles decides to move home for a month and call his mom by her first name. Will this experiment cause him to stop leaning on Jean or will Myles fall into the same old habits he’s trying to break?