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Release of the 14th Victim Trailer. Coming in 2012.

An animation exploring the Christmas spirit called, “Christmas (Wiggles).”

Haiku 008

A new collage piece for your brains to spin on.

A short ready to be a feature.

Tyler Jewell’s Another Day in Paradise

Although our free on-line release is only 28 minutes, our hope has always been to turned this project into a feature. Here is a short synopsis: An in-depth look at the sport of alpine snowboarding, Another Day in Paradise focuses on the sacrifices and achievements of 34 year-old Tyler Jewell. His decade long journey not for fame or fortune, but for passion, includes sacrifices from living out of a car and tent, to finally being the top US Alpine Snowboarder. Filmed by younger brother, Myles David Jewell, ADP is an intimate portrait of what one person is willing to sacrifice for their dream, and whether success is measured by the outcome of the journey, or the journey itself.

A documentary by Myles David Jewell, featuring Tyler Jewell, music by Jay McKay, Presented by Pennington Productions 2011.

Visit TylerJewell.com